#NotMyPresident: Students ditch school to protest President Donald Trump

A protester in San Francisco (Reuters)
A protester in San Francisco (Reuters)

Hundreds of San Francisco high school students have walked out of class to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Mr Trump's victory in the US presidential election has sparked protests across the US, with thousands taking to streets in cities where support for Hillary Clinton eclipses that for the controversial billionaire.

NBC reported more than 1000 students took to the streets in the second of protests, organised through social media using the hashtag #NotMyPresident.

Smaller student walkouts also took place in Seattle, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Boulder and Portland, according to reports.

In contrast, the scene outside the White House in Washington DC was serene, with Newshub reporter Patrick Gower saying there were precisely "zero" protesters.

Mr Trump just had his first-ever meeting with outgoing President Barack Obama at the White House, the pair speaking for an hour-and-a-half on policy and how best to manage the transition.

"I just walked... right around the perimeter of the White House this morning, and the official count of protesters around the White House is zero, a big fat zero," Gower told Paul Henry on Friday morning.

"Just tourists taking pictures."

Ms Clinton scored 85 percent of the vote in San Franscisco, to Mr Trump's 10 percent.