Paragliders dodge death after freak accident

Paragliders dodge death after freak accident

For a young couple in Sydney, a beautiful anniversary quickly turned to disaster when their paragliding adventure went wrong.

Noel Mounsey and Zoe O'Dwyer Kelly, an Irish couple, were paragliding above the ocean off Manly when the cord snapped and they fell into the water.

She was knocked unconscious and was bleeding from a fractured skull, and he didn't get off lightly either.

Somehow despite having a broken shoulder and wrist, Mr Mounsey managed to keep his partner afloat while they were trapped under the parachute.

"I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him," Ms O'Dwyer Kelly says.

A passing scubadiving group were able to help the pair.

"There was a lot of blood in the water, a lot of blood all over here - it was a little bit of a mess to come across and see what was happening and try and evaluate the situation," says Pro Dive instructor Grant Walsh.

Ms O'Dwyer Kelly says the person who was meant to observe them wasn't watching.

"If it wasn't for the Pro Dive team, we probably wouldn't be here."

The company's owner has blamed the accident on a freak gust of wind, saying in 26 years of business, they've never had a rope snap before.

The Maritime Authority is investigating.