Rubbish workers find US$30k in pillow

Workers hunt through the rubbish (CCTV+/YouTube)
Workers hunt through the rubbish (CCTV+/YouTube)

A lucky man has had US$30,000 returned to him after it was accidentally thrown out in the rubbish.

Shangai resident Mr Shang went to the rubbish transportation base and told staff the money had been inside of a pillow, which was mistakenly chucked out.

"The garbage sent here at that time was loaded in three containers. We found on our internal system that two of them had been shipped away and the remaining one was still at our dock," said Tan Bojun, deputy manager of the market department of Hulin Garbage Base.

The company immediately opened up the container, and 10 workers went in to hunt through 13 tonnes of rubbish for the pillow.

"Four of our staffers had just worked overnight and returned to their rooms for rest. But when they heard it, they came back to help with the search without any complaint," said Mr Tan.

Luckily the pillow was found with its contents intact.

"I'm very grateful to them, really. I'm really excited and I wanted to give them some money to show my gratitude, but they wouldn't take it," said Mr Shang.