Rurik Jutting trial: British banker guilty of sadistic murders

Rurik Jutting (file)
Rurik Jutting (file)

Former Bank of America Corp. banker Rurik Jutting has been found guilty of the murder of two Indonesian women in Hong Kong.

He previously denied murdering Sumarti Ningsih, 23 and Seneng Mujiasih, 26, despite their bodies being found in his apartment.

He lured the women back to his place, before torturing and raping the women in a cocaine and alcohol-fuelled binge, and killing them.

These acts were filmed on his iPhone, and shown to the court.

"My actions were horrific even by the standards of homicide trials," Jutting said in a written statement read to the court by his lawyer.

"The jury has delivered a verdict that I cannot and do not have any objection to. I remain haunted daily by my actions. The evil I have inflicted can never be remedied by me, neither words nor actions."

To the two victims' families he expressed remorse:  "I am sorry, I am sorry beyond words."

During the trial, he claimed diminished responsibility for the killings. However, the judge disagreed.

"During this trial we have been made to dredge the very depths of depravity during the three days of torture he subjected his first victim to," Judge Michael Stuart-Moore said.

"He described himself as evil and a monster, and neither is adequate to describe the true nature of what happened. The defendant is the archetypal sexual predator."

He has been sentenced to serve two concurrent life sentences.