Scared Australian crashes car into lake to avoid spider

The driver's car (Supplied/Port Macquarie News)
The driver's car (Supplied/Port Macquarie News)

An Australian driver has written off his car after an encounter with a spider.

The driver was going around a bend when he spotted the huntsman spider - a species which can grow as wide as 30cm. The terrified man panicked - and that's when things went horribly wrong.

"I meant to hit the brake but instead I accidentally hit the accelerator," he said.

The car swerved off the road, hurtling off the road and into Lake Cathie in northern New South Wales. Then things got even worse. The car was immobilised in the water, and began to sink.

"I was surprised at how deep it was," the driver said.

This was only the beginning of the man's nightmare. As water filled the car, he tried to escape - only to find the door wouldn't open.

The driver was now trapped in a sinking car with an enraged spider apparently intent on inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Fear gave him superhuman strength - and dodging death, he pulled himself through his three-quarters open window.

The man was treated by paramedics for minor injuries and his vehicle is being recovered.

There is no word on whether the huntsman spider was dragged down to its death, or whether it escaped, to lurk the outback for its next victim.