Send Donald Trump to space and leave him there - petition

The petition to send Donald Trump to space forever had garnered almost 72,000 signatures (Getty)
The petition to send Donald Trump to space forever had garnered almost 72,000 signatures (Getty)

While some people appear keener to leave Earth than to face a Donald Trump presidency in the US, some are more in favour of ejecting the President-elect himself from the planet instead.

A petition to be presented to NASA is calling for Mr Trump to be sent to space and left there.

"It won't be cheap, but it will be worthwhile," says the petition's webpage. Almost 72,000 people have signed the petition so far.

Meanwhile, there appears to have been an increase in people interested in fleeing the planet following Mr Trump's election.

Business magnate Richard Branson said at an event held by Quartz that bookings with Virgin Galactic, his space tourism venture, "actually had a lot of people book in the last three days".

Mr Branson was damning of Mr Trump, saying his election meant the US had "a potentially horrific situation ahead".

"I mean look, it's very sad, very frightening, very worrying," he said.

"It's pretty terrifying when you throw out the list of all these issues. Global warming could be set back almost irreparably.

"And universal healthcare, that could be set back almost irreparably, help with refugees, all these issues, gay rights," he said.

Mr Branson was particularly critical of Mr Trump's position on climate change, saying, "Global warming is a reality, and having a president saying it isn't, and many people surrounding him who say it isn't, it's like having people around him who say evolution doesn't exist."

Mr Branson said he had also had employees concerned about Mr Trump's stance on immigration, asking him if they could move to his home of the British Virgin Islands, "not in a jokey way, but in a serious way", he said.