Send your friend a personalised potato with TaterGrams

A TaterGrams potato (TaterGrams/Facebook)
A TaterGrams potato (TaterGrams/Facebook)

Want to send a message to a friend? Send them a potato.

Canadian start-up TaterGrams will send your friends a homegrown potato, along with a handwritten message.

"I'm sure you get cards from people, whether it's your birthday or anniversary, and when you get the card, it's nice. But then the average person just throws that card away," company founder Wayne Rempel said in an interview with CBC Edmonton's Radio Active.

"But imagine if you have something on a potato. You wouldn't forget that.

"And yes, eventually you will have to throw that potato out - it won't last forever - but you're probably going to remember that experience of getting something odd and wacky in the mail."

The prices start at $10 plus shipping, and for a few dollars extra you can order add-ons - such as googly eyes.