Snakes on a plane in Mexican domestic flight

(Twitter / @inda_medina)
(Twitter / @inda_medina)

They say life imitates art - and now, 10 years on from cult Hollywood classic Snakes On A Plane, a viper has terrified passengers on a flight to Mexico.

The incident came during the 100-minute domestic Aeroméxico flight between Torreón and Mexico City, when the snake emerged from behind the aircraft's overhead lockers.

Twitter user Indalecio Medina posted a video from the scene inside the plane, which could only have been made more similar to the film if Samuel L Jackson turned up to deliver his famous line himself.

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"The flying snake - a unique experience on the Aeroméxico Torreon-Mexico flight," Mr Medina wrote.

"We're priority one for landing in CD-MX, where animal control at the airport can attend to the unexpected traveller."

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In a statement, Aeroméxico said animal control had "secured the reptile" after the aircraft landed.

"The procedures carried out for this flight are currently being evaluated to determine how the animal entered the cabin and measures have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future," they said.

"For Aeroméxico, the security of its passengers and crew is of the highest priority and it always works to meet the highest quality standards."

The snake's surprise appearance on the plane is the first of its type since 2012, when a 45cm snake was discovered on a plane at Scotland's Glasgow Airport.


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