Snapchat 'Spectacles' make your eyes the camera

Snapchat Spectacles (file)
Snapchat Spectacles (file)

Popular social media app Snapchat is expanding its field of vision.

Snap Inc, the company behind the app, has begun selling camera-embedded sunglasses known as 'Spectacles', in a bid to pick up where Google's failed 'Glass' device left off.

Spectacles connect wirelessly with Snapchat on your smartphone, letting the wearer record 10-second clips from a point-of-view camera on the frame of the sunglasses.

But you might struggle to find a pair anytime soon, with Snap Inc saying the devices are only available in the United States, and exclusively from vending machines popping up in different locations across the country.

Venice Beach, California, was the first to receive a vending machine.

Priced at US$130, Spectacles are a lot cheaper than Google Glass, which cost US$1500. However, Google's product was intended to become a part of your day-to-day life and not function simply as a camera.

Consumers were put off by the bulky appearance and privacy concerns, leading to Google ditching the device at the prototype phase.

Snap Inc will be hoping its device can overcome these concerns, avoiding the privacy questions by having an 'indicator' light turn on when Spectacles are recording.

It is not yet known whether the company intends to expand its wearable technology internationally.