Spelling Bee Bandit goes on 'robery' spree

The Spelling Bee Bandit (FBI/supplied)
The Spelling Bee Bandit (FBI/supplied)

A man with awful spelling is on the run in the US, after robing at least four banks in the state of Massachusetts.

Or should that be robbing?

Either way, the authorities have labelled him the 'Spelling Bee Bandit'.

"The suspect puts on sunglasses after entering the bank, writes 'robery' on the back of a withdrawal slip, and passes the demand note to the teller," the FBI says in his wanted poster.

"The suspect has become more aggressive with the tellers in each subsequent robbery."

The first bank he hit was on October 31 in Arlington. He's since robbed three more, in Reading, Burlington and Peabody.

It's not known if he plans to use his ill-gotten gains to buy a dictionary.