The best wines of the US

  • 10/11/2016
The best wines of the US

After the tension of Wednesday's election, many Americans would have been reaching for the bottle, be it to celebrate or to drown their sorrows.

But if you think they only drink bourbon and Bud, you'd be very, very wrong. They also make some pretty spectacular wines - so, in honour of their new President-elect, we thought we should try some out.

Chief tasting officer at Winefriend Yvonne Lorkin joined Paul Henry with these samples:

The Smoking Loon Merlot ($18)

The Crusher Petite Sirah ($27)

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay - America's most popular chardonnay ($35)

McManus Family Chardonnay ($25)

Pinot Noir - La Crema "Monterey" ($45)

Artezin Mendocino Zinfandel ($35)

The Crusher Petite Sirah ($27)

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