The post-election hate crimes shocking the world

A Trump supporter being beaten (kmscodi/Twitter)
A Trump supporter being beaten (kmscodi/Twitter)

Warning: This article contains extremely offensive language and violence.

While President Obama and Donald Trump have called for unity, a wave of protests has swept the United States with reports of hate crimes on the rise.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre (SPLC), which tracks hate crimes, is "seeing a rash of hate rhetoric and racist graffiti in campuses around the country."

The upsurge in race-based attacks after the election of Mr Trump echoes the spike in hate crimes in the UK that followed the Brexit vote this year.

"We have seen [Ku Klux] Klan literature drops, we have seen that suicide hotlines are ringing off the hook, and we are hearing of very extensive bullying in and around schools," said Mark Potok, an SPLC senior fellow.

Mr Trump's victory has left minority groups feeling targeted, and afraid for their safety. Although violence has also come from Clinton supporters.

They have taken to social media to chronicle what it's like to live in Trump's America - and show the abuse and harassment has already begun.

One man had his car vandalised with "f**k you n*****" scrawled on his car.

In Durham, South Carolina, someone wrote on a wall: "Black lives don't matter and neither do your votes".

Another person documented racist graffiti on a school bathroom wall.

The violence has gone both ways, with shocking video showing an elderly man being beaten for allegedly voting Trump.