Thief shot in backside with bow and arrow

  • 07/11/2016
Australian police say the intruder was shot with a compound bow (Getty / file)
Australian police say the intruder was shot with a compound bow (Getty / file)

An attempted thief will be having some trouble sitting down after being shot in the buttocks with a bow and arrow.

The man was shot after breaking into a house in Sydney's south-west at around 5:20pm on Sunday (local time).

After stealing cash and items from the bedroom, he stole the key to the car and tried to make his escape.

Unfortunately for him, the home's owners were still at the property.

Australian police say when the intruder tried to jump a fence and flee, the 68-year-old resident shot him with a compound bow.

The arrow lodged itself in the intruder's backside and he escaped empty-handed.

But while he is likely to be in some amount of pain, no one with similar injuries has been treated at local hospitals.

"We're imploring that person, or any person that knows that offender, to ensure that he seeks medical advice," Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone told local media.

Others aren't encouraged to mimic the homeowner's response to the break-in.

"Let them go and let us investigate. Protect your welfare, protect your safety, and protect your personal interest," Det Insp Johnstone said.

Police have seized the archery gear involved and haven't yet ruled out laying charges against the homeowner.