Trump supporters flood Florida as gap closes on Clinton

Trump supporters flood Florida as gap closes on Clinton

The race for the White House is neck and neck - Hillary Clinton is feeling the negative effect of the FBI email inquiry, and Donald Trump is making the most of it.

Cometh the hour in Florida, cometh the man - that's what Donald Trump was hoping anyway as he drove the Trump Train into Miami.

"The polls are all saying we're going to win Florida. Don't believe it? Get out there and vote. Pretend we're slightly behind," he told his supporters.

Florida is the prize Trump must win to become President - and he knows it, holding three rallies there on Wednesday (local time).

Some polls have Trump slightly ahead in the state, others Clinton - so it's no surprise a new "poll of polls" has Clinton and Trump neck-and-neck in Florida, at 45 percent each.

Nationwide, Clinton's lead is dwindling. An average of polls puts Clinton at 46.6 percent, Donald at 45.6 percent. Clinton's down one point, while Trump's up more than three.

And on Wednesday he pulled out the Trump playbook that got him this far.

"Crooked Hillary Clinton - you know, that term's really stuck. Has anyone seen crooked Hillary Clinton today?" he asked mockingly.

"When we win on November 8th, we're going to Washington DC to drain the swamp."

And Trump supporters, they're all in - Newshub's Patrick Gower spoke to one man who said he'd help build the wall on the Mexico-US border, while a child said he supported Trump "because he's gonna deport Muslims".

Another supporter claimed that Clinton would "corrupt New Zealand", if we were to "hang around" her.

President Barack Obama, one of Hillary Clinton's biggest guns, made it clear to voters in another major swing state that the stakes are as high as they get:

"The fate of the world is teetering and you, North Carolina, have to make sure we push it in the right direction," he urged.

On Wednesday, Trump called an endorsement by the Ku Klux Klan "repulsive" - however it's been suggested Trump supporters have torched a historic black Mississippi church, scrawling "Vote Trump" across it in white paint.

In Miami, Trump's army are rabid - able to recite his talking points, like singing their favourite song.

Team Trump have well and truly flooded Florida, trying to make it 'Trump Time' nationwide.