'Trump's coming!' the newest social media trend


The newest viral video challenge sweeping the US has seen social media users get political.

Where the mannequin challenge had people freeze in motion, the #TrumpsComingChallenge involves more running and screaming.

Satirising President-elect Donald Trump's views on immigration, race and women, the clips feature someone shouting "Trump is coming!", prompting everyone to flee.

Emi Chavez, from Texas, claims to have started the trend a few hours after the election result was confirmed.

"Me and my friends are Mexican but we were born here, and everyone is scared by what Trump said about sending Mexicans back home and all the other racist things, as well," 16-year-old Emi told the BBC.

"So we were just thinking about how we would just run away from him if he came near."

The mannequin challenge recently swept the internet, with Hillary Clinton and her team taking part on election day with the message, "Don't stand still. Vote today."