Unconscious Australian drives in circles on motorway

Unconscious Australian drives in circles on motorway

Traffic was brought to a standstill on a Sydney motorway on Monday after a man fell unconscious at the wheel and began to spin out dramatically in his car.

Motorists were forced to stop as the Mitsubishi Outlander began reversing in circles, crossing over all four lanes and careening up an embankment next to the motorway in the process.

Two courageous men who had been driving behind the vehicle got out of their cars when they saw what had happened, in an attempt to stop the vehicle from causing any damage.

After quite a battle, the two managed to hop into the car and prevent the 30-year-old from reversing into any of the nearby cars or the barrier.

It is not clear how the 30-year-old had put his car into reverse given his unconscious state, or how he had turned his wheel so hard that he had started doing burnouts on the road.

It is also unclear how he had fallen into a state of unconsciousness in the first place - though New South Wales Police confirmed the driver had experienced a "medical episode".

He is now in hospital, and his car towed.