US election: Voters hassled in Florida

US election: Voters hassled in Florida

With just over a week until the US presidential election, Republican candidate Donald Trump's rivals are suing him for voter intimidation in at least four states.

Mr Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are virtually tied in the polls in the battleground state of Florida.

The heat is on, the pressure is on, all the way to the ballot box. Under the law, campaigning must stop 23 metres from the polling booth, and that means the carpark at the North Miami Public Library is fair game.

The immigrants from Haiti say they are getting paid to hassle voters.

One says he was working for Mr Trump's campaign, but the pay cheque hasn't come through.

Florida is one of the "swing states" that will decide the election result. Mr Trump must win there if he is to have any chance.

Recent polling puts Ms Clinton on 45 percent and Mr Trump on 44 percent - almost a dead heat.

Early voting is well underway, with 25 million votes cast nationwide, and 4 million in Florida.

It's Halloween today, and at Miami Beach voters feel the election is like that too.

The political heat continued over the FBI investigation of Ms Clinton's emails, with Mr Trump loving it.

"I think we hit the mother lode, as we say in the good ol' mining industry," he said.

But with eight days to go, it's unlikely voters will learn anything about these most recent claims before the election.

Florida will have a crucial role in what the US decides.