Video: Fur flies in panda cub brawl

Video: Fur flies in panda cub brawl

An initially chill hang-out session quickly turned violent, when one panda approached another and slapped it across the face with its fluffy, baby panda paw.

Outraged by the unprompted attack, the second panda moves to slap the other in return but misses, leaving space open for the first to land two more strikes.

When it goes in for the kill, chomping down on the other panda's ear, the fight falls to pieces - the second drags the first to the ground in a typical fighting technique of playing dead.

There was no winner in the brawl - except perhaps the third panda cub who simply lay on the ground and ignored everything.

The brawlers weren't the only panda cubs keeping carers at the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, China, busy.

Another decided to try out a new toy, climbing on a bright red rocking horse.

But the panda promptly fell, leaving it trembling with trepidation and unwilling to approach the horrifying 'toy' again.