What Barack Obama's legacy will look like

Barack Obama (Reuters)
Barack Obama (Reuters)

He may be one of the most liked Presidents in recent history, but in January, Barack Obama's reign as the leader of the free world will end - and Donald Trump's will begin.

And with Mr Trump defying the odds to become the 45th President of the United States, Mr Obama's legacy may well be on the line.

But what will a Trump presidency do to that legacy?

Well firstly, the Trans-Pacific Partnership looks dead in the water.

Obamacare will also likely be scrapped, as well as his immigration and climate change policies.

And the deal to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon may also be shot down.

So with that, maybe it's best to look back on the moments that made the world love Mr Obama. Like his mic drops. And the infamous scales prank.

Of course as we now know, Mr Obama didn't always get it right.

But with move out day for the Obamas not until January, we've still got a couple of months to enjoy this President until the next one moves in.