Workers rescue panda from rushing waters in China

Workers rescue panda from rushing waters in China

Video has emerged of the moment a panda was saved from a torrential river in southwestern China on Tuesday (local time).

The female panda, estimated to be about four-years-old, is believed to have got trapped trying to cross the Zhengzhe River in Wolong National Nature Reserve, in China's Sichuan province.

Fortunately, she had fallen in water near the Zhengzhe Hydropower Station, and was able to lift itself onto one of the company's metal walkways near the water's surface.

The plant's workers quickly spotted the bear on CCTV cameras, and made plans to haul it to safety.

The recue, which was finally completed after three hours, took such a long time because the panda was unable to make its way to the bank from the walkway it was on using a ladder.

Veterinarians and policemen were called to the scene to oversee the operation, which was made difficult due to the panda exhibiting signs of anxiety and unpredictability.

They used a tranquiliser gun to sedate the bear, before hauling it up using ropes and conducting an examination.

When it woke up around five hours later, it was released back into the wild.