Wrong number brings unlikely couple together for Thanksgiving

The pair enjoyed a full Thanksgiving meal at Ms Dench's home (Twitter)
The pair enjoyed a full Thanksgiving meal at Ms Dench's home (Twitter)

A grandmother who went viral after texting the wrong number has followed through on her promise of a Thanksgiving meal. 

Arizona woman Wanda Dench accidentally texted a teenage stranger, believing she was inviting her grandson over for Thanksgiving dinner.

When confused 17-year-old Jamal Hinton asked for the identity of the sender, Ms Dench replied, "Your grandma".

Mr Hinton, sceptical that it was his grandmother, asked her to send him a photo of herself. After they realised the mistake, Hinton asked if he could still "get a plate tho?".  

"Of course you can. That's what grandmas do… feed everyone," Ms Dench replied.

Mr Hinton's tweet showing the text exchange garnered 210,000 shares and 420,000 likes. 

Ms Dench and Mr Hinton shared a full Thanksgiving dinner at Ms Wench's house, accompanied by her extended family. They tweeted a photo celebrating the new friendship. 

"She was very open in welcoming me into her home," he told CNN. 

Ms Dench is shocked by the attention their story has gotten. 

"He was just as nice as could be," she told CNN. "We got to eat food, and he told me about his plans for the future, and I am just so excited for him.

"The kindness that I've received from people sending me comments is just unbelievable."