Aussies net five sharks in a single day


Australian authorities are catching and tagging sharks in an attempt to prevent future attacks.

The Australian Department of Primary Industries (DPI) deployed a series of shark nets along the New South Wales coastline two days ago. Since then, five sharks have been caught - including a 3.2-metre female great white shark.

Each net is fitted with high-tech sensors that alert a response team, in real time, that a shark has been captured.

The captured sharks are then tagged, before being released, as part of a coastal surveillance programme set up in the wake of a number of recent shark attacks.

As well as preventing attacks on helpless swimmers, the goal of the programme is to understand more about shark behavioural habits and predict their movements.

Niall Blair, the New South Wales Minister for DPI, praised the approach, saying that while it is impossible to "guarantee" it will stop the problem, the " New South Wales government is doing all we can to minimise the risk".

As well as the hulking female shark, four smaller great whites were also captured on Saturday - ranging from 2.3 to 3 metres in length.

The five sharks, now tagged and released, will be monitored by the DPI as they try to and keep Aussie swimmers safe in the water.