Australian Christian Lobby targeted in Canberra vehicle explosion

The director of the Australian Christian Lobby has been left shaken after the organisation's Canberra centre was apparently targeted in a 'car bomb' explosion. 

A white van carrying gas bottles was driven into the office in Deakin, near Parliament House, causing an explosion at around 10:45pm (local time) on Wednesday.

There was nobody inside the building at the time. 

Canberra police have said the driver was a 35-year-old Australian living in the Australian Capital Territory, who was not previously known to police. He is receiving medical treatment for his injuries. 

Lyle Shelton, director of the ACL, posted two images on Twitter on Thursday morning of the vehicle wreckage. 

"I never thought that in coming to work for a public advocacy organisation like ACL, that I'd be subject to this sort of thing. This is not the Australia I grew up in" he said.  

Although police have said the explosion does not appear to be poltically or religiously motivated, Mr Shelton says ACL has received multiple death threats and threats of violence over the last year. 

"I'm sure it's a message to intimidate us and to cause us to be silent in the public square and that's not something that we're prepared to do."

ACL has extensively campaigned againsed same-sex marriage and the 'safe-schools' initiative in recent months.