Bald eagle chick hatching caught on camera

  • 01/01/2017

The first of two bald eagle chicks have hatched in the US state of Florida, to the delight of millions who were watching via webcam.

The livestream of the nest in Fort Myers showed female Harriet and her partner, M-15, as they cared for the eaglet.

The first crack in the first egg appeared on Friday, with the chick finally emerging just in time for the new year.

The stream gathered 60.8 million views and the second egg is expected to hatch within a few days, observers said.

The eggs were laid on November 22 and November 25, respectively, and both parents were present in the nest when the first eaglet emerged from its egg.

The live feed has tracked Harriet's nesting seasons since 2012, when she raised two chicks until they were able to leave the nest alongside her former partner Ozzie.