Beach walk leaves woman in hospital

Joanne Hall recovering in hospital (Facebook)
Joanne Hall recovering in hospital (Facebook)

Warning: This article contains graphic photos

A Perth woman had to be rushed to a burn unit on Thursday after a walk on the beach left her feet with horrendous blisters.

Joanne Hall took to Facebook to post photos of her severely injured feet to warn others not to go barefoot at the beach in the scorching heat.

Joanne Hall's blistered feet (Facebook)
Ms Hall's blistered feet (Facebook)

"The sand was very hot and I ran from the top of the beach down to the water," Ms Hall told The West Australian.

"I put them straight into the water and nearly passed out from the pain.

"I kept them soaking for a good half an hour [in cold water] and my brother, stepdad and his friend arrived and had to carry me up the beach back to the car."

Joanne Hall blisters
Loose skin from the blisters

Ms Hall, a student, had to have her burnt skin removed and is now in a wheelchair for the rest of the summer recovering from her injuries.