Canadian firefighters rescue moose stuck in ice

  • 13/12/2016
(Facebook / Services d'Incendie Shediac Fire Department)
(Facebook / Services d'Incendie Shediac Fire Department)

A moose weighing nearly quarter of a tonne has been freed from what could have been an icy grave were it not for the quick and heroic work of local firefighters.

Representatives of the Shediac Fire Department in New Brunswick, Canada had to act swiftly to save the moose, which had fallen through a river that had iced over.

The firefighters had to smash the ice around the female moose with picks, but almost had to call the rescue off because there were concerns they too could fall through the ice.

However, despite the threat of hypothermia, the 240kg moose was led along a path measuring about 10m through the ice to the bank, where it fled back into the wild.

The Fire Department said while it had rescued several animals from the Shediac River, it had never come across a moose.