Clever cat clambers up climbing wall

(Facebook / Victoria Chieko)
(Facebook / Victoria Chieko)

A Japanese kitty has astounded its owners by scaling a climbing wall with moulds designed for the hands and feet of humans.

Demonstrating an incredibly cool head, Lalah the cat expertly leaps from one mould to another, reaching the top in less time than it would take the average climber.

She seems completely unaware of the injury a fall from such a height would cause.

The owners of Lalah, who lives at the Boulbaka bouldering gym in Okinawa, said she had recently increased sufficiently in size to be able to jump from rock to rock.

"In the last few weeks, her growth made it possible for it. So, she did it!" the couple wrote in a Facebook post.

They say they never trained her to do it, and believe she must have realised she was capable of the feat through watching people climb every day.

"She just accomplished her desire with no help," they said.

"She must be happy and proud. We are also very happy and proud of her challenge and achievement!"