Deer smashes into gym for a workout session

  • 20/12/2016
deer gym US
Gym-goes and employees quickly ran for cover as the deer jumped over gym equipment.

By Ella Prendergast

A rogue deer in the US tested out its fitness on Monday morning (local time), smashing through a window of a South Carolina gym.

The deer barged through the reception of Gold's Gym, Anderson, before moving on to the weights room.

Gym-goers and employees quickly ducked for cover as the animal tested its cardio by leaping over gym equipment.

After a two-minute workout it had enough and left.

"He thought we said a buck could join, but it's a buck to join," Gold's Gym mused on its Facebook page.

Gym-goers kept good spirits throughout the situation.

"As he dashed out of sight we heard, 'Merry Christmas to all!'"