Filmmaker spooked but captures amazing great white shark encounter

(Sidetracked TV)
(Sidetracked TV)

An Australian documentary maker who filmed a massive great white shark swimming just metres from him for more than two minutes says the adrenaline of that moment was incomparable.

Ash Gibb, who used to make a living filming skydives, said the intensity of his shark encounter was far greater than any of the 300 times he jumped from a plane.

The footage of the 5m-long shark was shot in Lucky Bay, 60km east of Esperance off the coast of Western Australia. While Mr Gibb was a bundle of nerves, he told ABC he was able to control his fear - somewhat.

"I reminded myself of my belief about sharks, which is the fact that they don't eat humans on purpose - we're not their food," he said.

"I think that's sort of what got me through a lot of nerves, because it was very intense. Even though I wanted to go and do that, it was a very testing situation."

He said his primary feeling was disbelief, as he hadn't expected to get the opportunity to film such unbelievable footage so early in the filming process.

"I went there to show people that they [sharks] are beautiful creatures, so there was no chance of me fleeing that situation," he told ABC.

"I was there to film. I got the opportunity. The chances of that actually happening are one-in-a-million, so I took that opportunity and did my best to keep my hand steady, and capture it on film."

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