Foolhardy Melbourne drivers brave flooded roads

Brave, or possibly stupid, Melbourne motorists have tried to drive through heavily flooded streets, with some of them ending up floating in water like a bath toy.

In all, 41 motorists had to be rescued overnight after becoming trapped on the city's flooded roads.

The city's north, northeast and southeast have been the most affected by the heavy downpours which, at one stage, was falling at 1mm per minute.

The State Emergency Service (SES) was inundated with calls for help, with 1800 people needing assistance.

Rivers burst their banks and rain turned roads to rivers, but that didn't stop some drivers from trying their luck.

Footage of their attempts shows cars driving into the murky water, causing the front to sink while the back end starts floating.

At one point, members of the public wade into the waist-deep water to help manoeuvre a car out of its watery predicament.

Footage also shows one driver stranded in his floating car which spins slowly with the current. He manages to climb out of the sun roof to safety.

VicRoads has warned motorists to take care because there could be debris after the flooding subsides.

Elsewhere in the city, a number of residents, including those at a nursing home in the city's north, had to be evacuated.

Emergency Services Minister James Merlino says support is being offered for affected communities, households and businesses, ABC reports.