Gable Tostee dumped after leaving girlfriend 'emotionally starved'- report

Gable Tostee (AAP)
Gable Tostee (AAP)

The Kiwi woman who stood by Gable Tostee throughout his murder trial says she has dumped him.

New Zealander Lizzi Evans, 30, reportedly began dating avid Tinder user Mr Tostee in April, but has now told the Daily Mail Australia he left her "emotionally starved".

"I said we had no future," she told the publication, accusing Mr Tostee of reverting to his hard-partying lifestyle.

In October Mr Tostee was found not guilty of murdering another Kiwi, Warriena Wright.

The 26-year-old Lower Hutt woman was on a Tinder date with Mr Tostee in 2014 when she fell from the balcony of his 14th-floor Gold Coast apartment.

Mr Tostee was a big user of the dating app, claiming he'd slept with more than 200 women. While living with his parents awaiting trial, he continued to boast about his sex life on social media, under the alias "Eric Thomas".

"He wants to live like that forever," Ms Evans told the Daily Mail.

"It was either his way or no way... We had hoped to begin a new chapter of life but he became resistant. I just had no more to give in the end."

Mr Tostee, Ms Evans says, was unfazed at being dumped. She says the end of their relationship had nothing to do with the trial.

He visited New Zealand in November, reportedly with Ms Evans, and it's believed the couple were thinking about moving here for good.