'Great Wall of Queensland' traps sunbathing croc

queensland police crocodile
Police used the wheelie bins to try funnel the croc back to the water (Queensland Police)

Australian police made their own Great Wall of sorts - not to keep out New Year's revellers, but to trap a large crocodile.

When the three-and-a-half metre croc "swaggered up the street" in the Queensland town of Karumba to sunbathe in someone's backyard around 6am on New Year's Eve, worried locals called authorities for back-up.

It soon moved out to the front gate, where it lazed for the rest of the day.

queensland police crocodile
The croc took up residence in a shady spot (Queensland Police)

To try and coax the croc away, Queensland police got a bit inventive, creating a wall of wheelie bins to contain it.

But it turned out to be a waste of time, with the reptile not wanting to budge.

queensland police crocodile
The hay bales provided an extra level of defence (Queensland Police)

Officers then made a decision to box him in with hay bales and wait until wildlife experts from Cairns, around 750km away, arrived to help relocate the animal.