Grinch goat terrorises Northern Ireland Christmas shoppers

Grinch goat terrorises Northern Ireland Christmas shoppers

An escapee goat has gone on a rampage, headbutting an elderly man and intimidating shoppers at a supermarket in Northern Ireland at the weekend.

The animal arrived at the doors of the Eurospar store in Carrickfergus at about 6:20am on Saturday (local time), and immediately had customers and staff members running away.

Up on its hind legs, photos and video of the incident shows the goat jumping on two vehicles in the carpark and also perching itself aggressively at the entrance to the store.

The manager of the shop told the BBC that the goat then turned its attentions to one of its regular customers, a pensioner named Billy, and charged him in the lower back.

He also told the Carrickfergus Times that he thought it was "the bread man knocking" when he first heard the goat's hooves on the glass - but when he looked outside "it seemed to want to break into the shop and was staring straight at me".

While it couldn't get into the store, the goat still exhibited plenty of threatening behaviour, eating flowers placed at the entrance and intimidating shoppers trying to get in.

Another shopper is said to have had to run away from an ATM mid-transaction because the goat had started to frighten her too much.

It's believed the incident came to a close when the goat's owner arrived and dragged it away by the horns.