Groom allegedly crashes drone into wedding guests

(CBS News)
(CBS News)

Two wedding guests in the US state of New Hampshire are suing a groom and his wedding venue after a drone crashed into them.

Barry Billcliff and Searles Castle are being sued for negligence after the incident.

According to the lawsuit filed in the Rockingham Superior court, Mr Billcliff was controlling the drone when it crashed into two women, hitting them both in the head.

Both say they suffered concussions and one had a fractured nose, while the other got a cut that needed more than 20 stitches.

Searles Castle Event Management's vice president, Scott Robb, says he told Mr Billcliff ahead of time that he couldn't use the drone, and there was nothing he could have done to prevent the accident.

"I told him it was illegal, 'you can't fly this here', I explained why and he said okay and put it away," he says.

Hours later, disaster struck.

"One of the waiters came running into the castle in a panic saying, 'The drone is inside the tent, the groom's flying it inside the tent," Mr Robb says.

Mr Billcliff denies he was controlling the drone, saying he was standing in the middle of the dance floor at the time it crashed.