Kangaroo bursts through couple's window, jumps on bed

  • 20/12/2016

By Ella Prendergast

A rogue kangaroo gave an Australian couple a rude awakening on Sunday morning.

The 1.5-metre 'roo smashed through Bill and Norma McConnell's bedroom window before hopping on their bed where they slept.

The stunned pair jumped out and kept their distance, Mr McConnell holding a chair to protect himself.

"It was so loud and scary and noisy," he told 7 News.

Injured from the broken glass, the animal left a trail of blood through their home.

After 10 minutes the kangaroo escaped through their sliding door, leapt over a two-metre fence and went on its way.

Mr McConnell said it didn't feel real.

"Our thoughts will probably be of unreality for quite a while."

Mr and Ms McConnell have lodged an insurance claim to get their window and carpet fixed.