Man records 'ghost' in abandoned mine

Man records 'ghost' in abandoned mine

An amateur film maker in the US has supposedly recorded the whispering words of a ghost in an abandoned Arizona mine.

The man, known only as 'Frank', posted the video to his YouTube channel where it has received almost half a million views.

Frank claims he ventured down the 150-year-old Waldeck Mine to review a new handheld flashlight when he heard strange, disturbing sounds.

"Do you hear that?" he asks in the video. "Is that wind?

"I don't know what that is. It doesn't sound like wind."

Some commenters on the video claim to have deciphered exactly what was being whispered.

"It's saying, 'Do you see me. I'm a shadow in the shadows'," YouTube user Allen Sokos wrote.

The video has copped some scepticism however, with Reddit user OctagonalHumanist writing:

"It sounded like it wasn't coming from the environment. It sounded like fake SFX."