Melbourne balcony crumbles around residents

It's incredibly lucky no one was injured when a balcony in Melbourne collapsed on Thursday, the fire service says.

Kiwi Jake Oskam and his girlfriend Lulu Masilo were drinking tea on the ground floor of the two-storey building when he heard "loudly creaking sounds" and tiles fall.

"I grabbed her and pulled her back, and then the roof smashed into the ground she was on," he said.

"The whole thing fell down around us and it was like a big bang and lots of dust. It was pretty insane."

Ms Masilo says it sounded like a "terrible earthquake" and credits Mr Oskam with saving her life.

"One hundred percent. I mean he sheltered me."

Nobody was on the balcony when it fell and no one was injured, but some neighbouring homes lost power when parts of the awning fell on power lines.

The local fire service will investigate the collapse.