Melbourne Grinch nicks Christmas decorations in broad daylight

The grinchiest of Grinches has been caught on camera stealing Christmas decorations in broad daylight.

An unknown woman was seen pinching decorations off a frontyard in Taylors Hill, Melbourne and stuffing them into a black bag.

As well as taking several 'Santa stop here' signs, she was also seen taking stars and other decorations.

At one point in the CCTV vision the woman is seen to have left the property, before re-entering to take another 'Santa stop here' sign.

"If you know who she is just tell her to return the stuff back... I'd rather not meet her," mum Nuria Celetano wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

She told Australia's 3AW radio her four-year-old son was the first to notice the signs had been taken, and she had to reassure her Santa was still going to stop by.

"That's what really made me angry, how could you do this? Wipe the smile off my children's faces and make them cry," Ms Celetano said.

Victoria police told media they've been made aware of the footage.