New map shows what each nation is best at

New map shows what each nation is best at

A fascinating new global map has revealed what each nation is the best at, and with it some surprising findings.

London-based data journalist David McCandless collated data from a wide range of sources to produce the map on his website Information is Beautiful.

It shows New Zealand has the best Chinook salmon in the world. According to Fish & Game they are the largest freshwater sport fish available to New Zealand anglers.

"New Zealand is the only country to have successfully established a population of Chinook salmon outside of their natural environment, but most live in the North Pacific," Mr McCandless says.

Despite its reputation for fine wine, whiskey is what France is best at, and their neighbours, Italy, get top marks for kiwifruit.

You might want to update your security information regularly if you're in Australia, as our own neighbours are the top country for data breaches.

Scrabble players will find the toughest competition in Nigeria, and if you're looking to retire soon then the place to go is Panama.

South Africa won't be too pleased with what they're best at - it takes the top spot for deaths.

It would pay to keep an eye on Uganda, with the country having the best entrepreneurs.

There must be something in the water on the African continent, with Libya having the fattest kids and Egypt the heaviest women.

Colombians are the best at being happy, and should you ever need the best supply of rubber gloves, Malaysia is where you need to go.