Newlywed makes Jetstar 'complaint' with a twist


A recent 'complaint' to Jetstar came with a twist - at first glance it looks like a grumble it's actually glowing with praise.

It's some positive feedback for the company, who don't always receive such love from their customers.

Jay Manusco was returning from a recent trip to Bali after he and his wife got married.

He noticed their seats had been incorrectly allocated on a flight, but was so impressed with how Jetstar responded that he posted a lengthy message to their Facebook page.

"I have read with interest several attacks on budget airlines, such as yourself, in recent years. Today I'd like to become one of these people (insert eye roll here)", he wrote in the opening of the message.

He says he and his wife were "disgruntled" but got on the plane anyway and told the flight attendant what happened.

She apologised, moved them to front row seating and then "had the nerve to tell us that she was incredibly embarrassed about our mix up, gave us both a Jetstar comfort pack…and a warm little blanket for the journey".

"Wow, of all the insolence. Then, THEN just after take off, would you believe she continued her torrent of niceness, and told us to select a beverage and some food FREE of charge!!!!!

"This is not the behaviour one expects when travelling with a low cost carrier and it must stop! I expect far less of your staff and I think Abbey needs a good talking to."

Mr Manusco signs off the letter "thanking Jetstar from the bottom of our hearts" for their service on the flight from Bali to Australia.

He says the flight attendant "went above and beyond to make us feel happy", and that's why he wrote the message.

They were on a late night red eye flight and he says they were sleepy and grumpy, and Mr Manusco says "some might have just said 'nothing I can do' but she was fantastic".