Niagara Falls gets $6 million lighting upgrade

  • 02/12/2016
Niagara Falls gets $6 million lighting upgrade

Twenty million visit the world-renowned natural phenomenon every year - and now they'll be able to see it even better, after new LED technology was unveiled to illuminate the Niagara Falls better than ever before.

The nearly $6 million project was displayed during a ceremony that showed off the enormous waterfall in a range of colours which are up to 14 times brighter than the previous set of lights.

The upgrades are the first applied to the falls lighting in more than 20 years, and will provide twice the previous lighting levels and more colour options.

And amazingly, the new lights are actually more efficient despite the increased brightness, with an 85 percent energy saving from the installation.

Lights first illuminated the Niagara Falls in 1860, with 200 beacons normally used to signal for help at sea spread across the water.