Oregon jailbird gets mugshot taken with pet macaw

Craig Buckner and Bird (Washington County Sheriff's Office)
Craig Buckner and Bird (Washington County Sheriff's Office)

An Oregon man has been allowed to have his mugshot taken with his pet macaw.

Craig Buckner, 38, was in court after failing to appear on previous theft and drug charges - and decided to bring his four-year-old pet macaw - known as "Bird" - with him. Bird was placed in a nearby tree to wait.

But when his court appearance took longer than expected, Buckner became worried for his feathered friend.

Buckner was allowed out to bring Bird inside, and the pair had their photo taken together.

"Our sheriff's office has very strong core values of doing the right thing," Deputy Shoana McKelvey said in a press release.

"Mr Buckner was already in a stressful position and did not need the additional stress and worry of his loved pet, Bird!"