Pastor films himself ruining Christmas for Texas kids

David Grisham (YouTube/supplied)
David Grisham (YouTube/supplied)

Outraged parents in Texas want a pastor banned from shopping malls after he filmed himself telling kids Santa doesn't exist.

David Grisham of Repent Amarillo and Last Frontier Evangelism uploaded the video to Facebook on Sunday (NZ time).

"We're going to tell the children here the truth that there is no Santa Claus, and that Christmas is about Jesus Christ," he says in the clip, filmed at Westgate Mall in Amarillo.

He flips the camera around, revealing parents and kids waiting to see Santa.

"Folks my name is Pastor David," he tells them. "Kids, I want to tell you today there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Santa Claus does not exist. The Christmas season is about Jesus. Jesus was born 2016 years ago. He was born in a manger in a small town called Bethlehem."

He explains the Santa they're about to meet "is just a man in a suit dressed up like Santa, but Santa does not exist".

"In reality, there are no flying reindeer. There is no workshop at the North Pole. There is no elves making toys."

It doesn't take long for angry dads to accost Mr Grisham.

"Shutup. Shutup. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop," says one.

"I've got my kids over there," says another. "We don't need you coming over here and blabbing whatever the hell you're blabbing. Go."

Shoppers took to Westgate Mall's Facebook page to urge the mall to ban Mr Grisham.

"I know I don't want any of my grandkids going out there if there's any chance this horrible excuse of a human being will be allowed to do this," said one shopper. "I hope you will have security stationed nearby in case he comes back. He's already posted that he plans to return."

"If David Grisham returns to your mall to verbally assault children and parents waiting for Santa (as he promises to do on his FB page), what are your intentions?" wrote another. "Westgate is private property, so you are within your rights to ban him form the premises."

The mall replied to each complainant, saying Mr Grisham will be asked to leave if he does it again.

Mr Grisham's group Repent Amarillo made headlines in 2010 when it tried to burn a copy of the Quran on a grill. The plot was foiled when a local skater grabbed the Muslim holy book.

"I said 'Dude, you have no Quran,' and ran off," Jacob Isom told media at the time.