Prince Harry is keeping an eye out for interns

Prince Harry is on a fortnight-long tour of the Caribbean (AAP)
Prince Harry is on a fortnight-long tour of the Caribbean (AAP)

It sounds as though a few more hands may be needed on deck at Buckingham Palace, with Prince Harry announcing that nine people will be chosen to take up scholarships at the royals' place of residence.

The 32-year-old is on a fortnight-long tour of the Caribbean, and was attending a ceremony in Grenada with the country's Governor-General and Prime Minister when he announced the lucrative opportunity.

Unfortunately it's only available to those who live in the island nations, with one person from each of the Queen's nine realms selected for the scholarship due to the area's reliance on the hospitality and eco-tourism industries.

Successful applicants will work at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle across six weeks in 2017, ending with the Royal Ascot week in June, and will be involved in the "planning and delivery of all entertaining hosted by the Queen".

Jobs include housekeeping, tending to artwork, catering in the Royal Kitchen, greeting guests and serving food and drinks - and those selected will be taught new techniques and receive a certificate for their efforts.

During their time serving the royals, each of the interns will undertake an intensive project that will teach them skills within their area of expertise.

A statement from the Royal Family said that could be anything from "complex chocolate and sugar craft" to "shadowing the service team at official and private events".