Protesters disrupt Australian parliament, glue themselves to railings


Australia's parliament had to shut down question time for nearly 30 minutes on Wednesday after protesters stormed in.

A number of the protesters, from the group Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance, superglued themselves to the bannisters in the public gallery and others opened banners as they shouted.

The activists were protesting the government's treatment of asylum seekers.

"If the government had listened to the Australian public and our request to bring [asylum seekers] here and let them stay, we wouldn't have to take such actions," Samantha Castro, one of the protesters, said.

"After years and years of inquiries and petitions, nobody's listening, so we have to take this type of direct action."

Several protesters screamed: "Don't hurt me!" as they were dragged from parliament by security.

The government is now planning to review security after the breach.