Pygmy marmosets back to normal routine after kidnapping

(Symbio Wildlife Park)
(Symbio Wildlife Park)

A family of endangered pygmy marmosets are settling back into their normal routines at a Sydney wildlife park after being stolen last week.

Two babies and their father Gomez were taken from the Symbio Wildlife Park last weekend but were recovered days later.

Staff were especially concerned for the safety of the youngest baby, just four weeks old and too young for anyone but the mother or specialists to care for.

The mother was extremely distressed by the kidnapping and there were concerns she would stop caring for the infant's twin, who remained at the park.

Two brothers have since pleaded guilty to the theft.

Keepers say the mother is returning to her usual cheeky and confident self, and father Gomez has continued to be protective and caring.

The enclosure is expected to open to the public next week.