Queen Elizabeth, Obamas deliver Christmas messages

It's been just days since rumours of ill health at Buckingham Palace hit the headlines, but the Queen has delivered her annual Christmas message.

She wasn't the only one - US President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama released their final Christmas message from the White House.

The outgoing US President's message began with the humour we've come to expect from the Obamas. And Ms Obama was quick to point out there's no way this year's message would ever be as bad as their first address in 2008.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Royal pageantry was at its best for this year's Queen's Message from Buckingham Palace. There was no sign of any ill health as the Queen spoke of a year filled with achievements, particularly New Zealand's at the Rio Olympics.

"Grenada, Bahamas, Jamaica and New Zealand won more medals per head of population than any other countries," she said.

There was a nod to the difficult political times ahead, in a message inspired by Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

"On our own we cannot win wars or wipe out injustice."

The Queen is now on holiday in Scotland with family before beginning her 65th year as monarch.

The Obamas are spending Christmas in Hawaii before packing up and leaving the White House in the hands of Donald Trump.