Receptionist accidentally orders live reindeers for Christmas

The reindeer (@fliccross/Twitter)
The reindeer (@fliccross/Twitter)

It seemed like such a simple and festive plan - order two decorative reindeer as Christmas ornaments.

But an office in the UK got the shock of their lives when a terrible breakdown in communication resulted in their receptionist ordering two live reindeer.

The reindeer, known as Dancer and Prancer, were delivered to her work - much to the hilarity of her colleagues, who shared her mistake.

A message shared on Twitter by @fliccross reads: "Best thing at work happened today. Our receptionist ordered 2 reindeer for xmas dectoration (sic) for the office.

"She only went and ordered 2 real ones accidentally!

"We have them parked up in our bike shed outside."

In the image the reindeer can be seen confined to the bike shed outside, where they are enjoying numerous Christmas treats.

But there was a happy outcome for the reindeer - "the reindeer people picked Dancer and Prancer up last night. Not left parked up in bike shed overnight".