Rescue underway at Knott's Berry Farm theme park - report

Rescue underway at the Knott's Berry Farm Sky Cabin ride (KABC)
Firefighters attempt to reach those stranded on the Sky Cabin ride (KABC)

A rescue is underway at a theme park in California, with people stuck nearly 40m high on a ride, according to reports.

The Sky Cabin attraction at Knott's Berry Farm, near Los Angeles, appears to have malfunctioned and become stuck, reportedly with 17 people on board.

Emergency services were contacted on Friday evening (local time) and rushed to the scene where they are conducting a 'technical rescue' of the stranded passengers.

Local news reports claim the Orange County Fire Authority attempted to use a ladder to reach the cabin, but it was too short.

No injuries have been reported.

The Sky Cabin, opened in 1976, ascends to a height of around 90m and spins slowly, giving panoramic views of the park and surrounding area

It was closed in 2010 for a remodel, opening 18 months later.