Sea Shepherd campaigner detained in Japan cell


A Sea Shepherd campaigner is being detained at a Japanese immigration centre after being denied entry to the country.

Conservationist Jessie Treverton was returning to Japan to document the annual slaughter and capture of dolphins at Taiji Cove when she was detained.

Ms Treverton says her detention is about the bigger picture.

"I'm in a cell in detention, but the dolphins that are taken from the wild in Taiji every year are put in tiny tanks for a lifetime."

She says her "few days [in detention are] nothing compared to what [the dolphins] have to go through".

"They take the pretty ones that they want to sell live, and then they slaughter the rest," Ms Treverton says.

She says it is "horrifying" and the horrendous treatment has a huge effect on the whole marine ecosystem.

Denial of entry to all "Cove Guardian veterans" has become a Japanese immigration policy, Ms Treverton says, and she believes it is the responsibility of humans to protect our marine wildlife.